Local secondary schools test floating windmills
14 June 2013 – Local secondary schools test floating windmills
As part of their first years assignment, 130 student of the technasia of ‘t Streek in Ede and the Erasmus college from Almelo have build floating windmills. After 8 weeks of preparation at school, the students will test their creations in the MARIN Concept Basin. At school they already addressed the wind loads on the model while during the basin tests at MARIN, the wave loads will be tested. MARIN professionals will pass along all the students to give their professional view on the concepts that were developed by the students. In the end the testing in high waves will prove which floating windmills can withstand the forces of nature.

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Plaats: MARIN, Haagsteeg 2, Wageningen
Tijd: vrijdag 14 juni 09:30 – 11:30 uur (09:30 uur presentatie project, 10:00 uur start testen)

Voor meer informatie: Ellen te Winkel, tel. 0317-493 377 / Michiel Gunsing, tel. 0317-493 448

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