Smart Ports Seminar, April 23, 2013
The increasing volume of transport flows between continents, combined with all kinds of offshore activities, is resulting in increasing shipping intensity in coastal waters and ports. In some sectors, this increase in volume is accompanied with the development of extremely large ships. Furthermore, there is pressure from society to make the shipping industry ‘greener’.

Development of new port infrastructure in times of crises demands a smart approach. It has to be smart to come up with cost effective, sustainable and safe designs, smart to operate the port efficiently and smart to make port operations more environmental friendly.

To be able to share views and look at future developments, MARIN has organised a Smart Ports Seminar on April 23, 2013 in Wageningen.

Dr. Ir. B. Buchner <br>  <L CODE="C04">Welcome Dr. Ir. B. Buchner
Prof. Ir. T. Vellinga <br>  <L CODE="C05">Green ports Prof. Ir. T. Vellinga
Green ports
Prof. Dr. Ir. B.J.E. Blocken <br>  <L CODE="C06">Wind conditions in port Prof. Dr. Ir. B.J.E. Blocken
Wind conditions in port
Ir. A. Cotteleer <br>  <L CODE="C07">AIS based ship emissions Ir. A. Cotteleer
AIS based ship emissions
Ir. M. Pluijm <br>  <L CODE="C08">ROPES JIP Ir. M. Pluijm
Dr. Ir. M.P.C. de Jong <br>  <L CODE="C09">Open ports Dr. Ir. M.P.C. de Jong
Open ports
Ir. A.F.J. van Deyzen <br>  <L CODE="C10">Non-line moorings<br>&nbsp; <br> &nbsp; <br> &nbsp; Ir. A.F.J. van Deyzen
Non-line moorings
Ing. M. van Wirdum <br>  <L CODE="C12">Improving IWT performancebr>&nbsp; <br> &nbsp; <br> &nbsp; Ing. M. van Wirdum
Improving IWT performance
Ir. W. Kortlever <br>  <L CODE="C14">Nautical Studies_IJmuiden Ir. W. Kortlever
Nautical Studies_IJmuiden
Ir. F.S.H. Verkerk <br>  <L CODE="C15">New Sea Lock IJmuiden Ir. F.S.H. Verkerk
New Sea Lock IJmuiden

Any remarks
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