Presentations Software Seminar Houston Oct 8, 2013
After this very successful software seminar Houston edition, we are happy to present you the presentations.

This seminar brought together developers and users which shared experiences and defined future requirements.

We thank you all for visiting and fruitfull participation.
Arjan Voogt, Manager MARIN USA
Arno Bons, Senior project manager MARIN

Speaker Company Title
Olaf Waals MARIN Introduction and opening remarks
Nico van den Worm, SSP Offshore Inc.
Markku Santala Chevron SafeTransBenchmarking for Korea to UK Tow
Wei Xu MARIN USA CFD for Current Load of LNGC,
Teo Ribakovs Moffatt&Nichol
Matt Nani Stress Engineering
Wiebe van der Rijken MARIN Bridging the gap
Arjan Voogt MARIN USA Wind Tunnel Testing Guidance
Sue Wang ABS Use of Software in Development of DP Guidelines
Hans Cozijn MARIN Thruster interaction and new DPCAP development

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