Seminar Natural Propulsion (2012)
Friday January 20, 2012 MARIN organized a seminar on ‘Natural Propulsion’.

Speaker Dick Moonen - Meteo Consult, the Netherlands
Title Weather routing and wind propelled vessels
Speaker Prof. Michael Vahs - University of applied sciences, Leer, Germany
Title Auxiliary sail propulsion for cargo ships: operational aspects and performance parameters. Highlights of Sky sails and E-Ship 1 concepts
Speaker Diane Gilpin - B9 Shipping, United Kingdom
Title The development of a revolutionary 100% renewably powered cargo ship
Speaker Guilhem Bles & Yves Parlier - Beyond the Sea, France
Title An example of scientific issues for large scale kite : Beyond the sea project
Speaker Kostia Roncin - ENSTA Bretagne, France
Title Autonomous sailboat
Speaker Patrick Englebert - Propelwind, France/Belgium
Title Zero emission technology for the shipping industry
Speaker Thys Nikkels - Dykstra Naval Architects, the Netherlands
Title Wind Propulsion for large ships
Speaker Rien de Meij, Rob Grin & Rogier Eggers - MARIN, the Netherlands
Title Estimation and optimisation of performance in service conditions: new aspects and challenges raised by natural propulsion

Thank you for participating in our Seminar “Natural Propulsion”.

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