Seminar: Safety, a nautical challenge
Seminar: ‘Safety, a nautical challenge’
The safety of shipping is strongly influenced by the increase in ship sizes and offshore activities like oil and gas production and wind farms. On the other hand, accidents and their potential consequences like pollution and loss of life are more and more regarded unacceptable by the public. It is for these reasons that maritime risk modeling plays an increasingly important role in society. Not just for computing probabilities of accidents, but also for judging the effectiveness of measures meant to increase the safety of navigation.

Due to this increasing focus on safety as well as the increase of maritime activities, the demand for safety studies accelerates and so does the development of analysis tools.

On April 15, 2011 MARIN’s nautical centre MSCN organized the seminar ‘Safety, a nautical challenge’. The presentations given during this seminar are given below:

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