Results of Design and sailing contest 2011

MARIN Design and Sailing Contest 2011


Together with Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) and INHOLLAND, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) again organised a design contest on January 14th 2011. The aim of this contest was to design, manufacture and sail the fastest model sailing boat in Wageningen.

The results of this contest are as follows:

The contest was won by Team 9 from InHOLLAND with the CounterWeight. Diederik Wijnen, Bas de Jong, Lucas van Leeuwen, Tim van Gils and Hans Slieker built a fast boat with controllable ballast weight for stabilization.
The second place went to Delft University of Technology Team 7, consisting of Kars Rotteveel, Thomas Slijpen, Wieger Vos and Dirk van Leersum with their boat Black Narwhal, also equipped with a ballast weight. The third place was for Concord from Team 1 (Emiel Mobron, Matthijs Agricola, Jan Oosterholt en Glenn Vonk) from Delft University of Technology.

<em>CounterWeight</em>: Winner of the design contest CounterWeight: Winner of the design contest
<em>Black Narwhal</em>: number 2 Black Narwhal: number 2
<em>Concord</em>: number 3 Concord: number 3

Innovation prize

An additional prize was available for the most innovative design. This prize was awarded to the SubZero, by the INHOLLAND team 11 consisting of Elkan van den Boogaard en Alex de Vos. SubZero was awarded this prize because they managed to produce a sailing submarine.

<em>SubZero</em>: winner Innovation prize SubZero: winner Innovation prize
More photographs can be found here.

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