MSGQ Seminar 2009 Presentations
On Thursday October 15th a seminar on Quaestor applications was held in Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld in Wageningen. The approximately 30 visitors originated from research, education, navy and industry. The presentations covered high level conceptual design, hydrodynamic design and analysis and production aspects.
Also, some insight was provided by the developers into Quaestor version 3, due for 2010 and relevant ongoing research on collaborative design and engineering. The presentations were well discussed and there has been a lively exchange of ideas for future develpments.

We look back on a successful day and given the positive feedback we will certainly organize similar meetings in the future.

Here your will find a Photoimpression.

Thank you for visiting and participating our MSGQ Seminar 2009. We would like to invite you to provide feedback through the evaluation form.

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