04 September 2018 - SMM
Traditionally MARIN is present at the SMM maritime trade fair in Hamburg. Meet us discuss the latest technologies we offer.

26 September 2018 - Monaco Yacht Show
MARIN will again be present at the Monaco Yacht Show. Visit us in Darse Sud to discuss the latest technologies we offer the yachting industry. Stand number will follow once assigned.


08 October 2018 - Course Applied Hydrodynamics of Floating Offshore Structures in Houston
This course gives an overview of the latest developments, such as extreme metocean conditions, motion analysis and wave impact.

11 October 2018 - MARIN Software Seminar
We are pleased to invite you to the 9th MARIN Software Seminar, which will be held in Wageningen on Thursday, October 11, 2018. This seminar brings together developers and users to share experi...

11 October 2018 - CFD for offshore and renewable energy applications
We share our latest experience in CFD application for offshore engineering and renewable energy applications.

23 October 2018 - SNAME
Meet us again at the SNAME, this year in Providence. Join us to discuss the latest developments in maritime research.

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