MARIN USA has proved its value as a link to MARIN’s facilities, services and know-how in the Netherlands. Model test programs, simulation studies and full-scale monitoring projects have been defined in direct contact with the end users in Houston. MARIN uses the experience from their large model test basins and from full-scale monitoring programs to develop and validate analysis tools for optimised design and bridge simulators for safe and efficient operation.

MARIN USA has its own team of Calculation Engineers performing calculation studies with the dedicated and validated MARIN tools. This way MARIN USA provides Houston clients with direct personal communication within the same time zone. Through continuous contact with the MARIN organisation in the Netherlands, MARIN USA offers independent verification and advice, project scope optimisation and early involvement in concept development resulting in optimised solutions.

Houston simulator facility
MARIN USA is equipped with a bridge simulator facility to provide clients with an added service using the most up to date and validated tool for concept design and operations training.The new simulator allows direct interaction between engineers and operational personnel and opens new possibilities for more operational input in the design.

MARIN Chesapeake
In 2018 MARIN opened a second USA office in the Chesapeake Bay area. Here MARIN is represented by Dr. Piotr Bandyk, a Naval Architect and PhD from Michigan. Dr. Bandyk and MARIN already have an extensive history, as he has been very active in the Cooperative Research Ships (CRS) as a researcher and Chairman in his former position at Leonardo/DRS Advanced Marine Technology Center (AMTC). Contact MARIN Chesapeake through

How to reach MARIN USA

4203 Montrose Blvd.
suite 460
Houston TX, 77006

Phone +1 832 533 8036


Arjan Voogt<br>Manager MARIN USA Arjan Voogt
John Bandas<br>Hydrodynamic Engineer John Bandas
Hydrodynamic Engineer
Atheendra  Sreenivasan<br>Hydrodynamic Engineer Atheendra Sreenivasan
Hydrodynamic Engineer
Tom Sellers<br>Project Engineer Tom Sellers
Project Engineer

Piotr Bandyk<br>Chesapeake office Piotr Bandyk
Chesapeake office
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