Design support
Interacting to achieve perfection
Starting with a validated specification, Design Support helps arrive at a solution. Because of time and commercial pressures in the development of ship or offshore constructions, we interact closely with the customer’s design team, and assure swift simulation and modelling.

The design is refined using state-of-the-art facilities and tools. We consider life-time performance parameters like speed, manoeuvrability, motions and loads as well as safety and legal requirements. By simulating performance, considerable savings can be made in future operational and maintenance costs.

Design better faster
In addition to assistance with the development of ship or offshore constructions, we can assist with streamlining your design and engineering processes itself, based on you existing workflow and tools and those commercially available from MARIN (see Software Sales).

DeSIS ship design workflow DeSIS ship design workflow
In this way you can concentrate on analysing designs based on the most advanced tools instead of managing your data and workflow for a wide collection of resources and applications.

Please go to Workflow solutions for more detail on this subject.

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