Concept development
Exploring possibilities
Concept Development involves taking a ship, offshore construction or a harbour project from its concept specifications to a design ready to be taken to the next level.

Together with naval architects and designers, we evaluate the specifications, identify limitations, make recommendations for improvement, and then provisionally verify the key parameters using computer simulation and elementary testing techniques. We look at propulsion performance, motion optimisation, structural response, manoeuvrability and safety, and draw on experience gained in operational performance research programmes.

Focus on results
In addition to conceptual design assistance, we can assist with providing tools and methodologies to streamlining your conceptual design process.

The conceptual design phase is characterised by investigating your design space with limited amount of information and time. Using this information and time efficiently enables you to investigate the design space more thorougly, reducing risks and uncertainties.

Using our Quaestor knowledge based technology, MARIN can develop workflows to use your existing tools and those commercially available from MARIN (see Software Sales) in an effective way during the conceptual design of ships, offshore constructions or a harbour projects.

Please go to Workflow solutions for more detail on this subject.

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